October 24, 2018 KME Digital

4 Reasons Why Millennials Are Choosing the Apartment Life

Although entering adulthood often means buying a home for the first time, many millennials are choosing to take a different route than previous generations. More young adults prefer to live in apartments and often don’t have plans of upgrading to a house anytime soon. Here are a few reasons why millennials prefer the apartment life over relocating to a house.

Communal Environments

Many millennials prefer to know their neighbors and want to make friends with other adults in the local area. Apartments are known to have communal environments that make it easier to meet other individuals since they live in close proximity to others. Apartments are also known to host events for the residents each month, which can offer the chance to make friends and have fun.

Able to Bike to Work

Millennials are more conscious of their impact on the earth and their global footprint, which means they choose to avoid driving in a car when possible. Apartments are often in downtown settings, which makes it easier to commute without having to take public transportation or a vehicle. Biking to work is possible for eco-conscious individuals who also enjoy the physical exercise that it offers when getting around.

Closer to the Nightlife Scene

From neighborhood bars to local eateries, apartments are in proximity to the hottest establishments in the city. With an apartment close to the heart of the city, millennials have easy access to the nightlife scene. This proximity offers convenience since they can avoid driving in from the suburbs.

Residents can easily walk to clubs and other social hangouts without having to worry about traffic, parking, or gas prices. Living close to the downtown area also gives residents the chance to visit local parks, eateries, and other attractions on the weekend. For active millennials, this is a compelling reason to keep their apartments.

Less Maintenance

Apartments are a more convenient place to live for young adults because they don’t have to maintain a yard. Millennials enjoy living in an apartment because they don’t have to worry about landscaping or mowing their yard on the weekends, which frees up time and money. Less maintenance means that they have more flexibility with their schedule and can have more time to participate in activities that they enjoy.

Although apartments may not be suitable or ideal for everyone, more millennials are taking advantage of the benefits they offer. While previous generations flocked to the suburbs, apartments have proved more accommodating of the millennial lifestyle.

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