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4 Tips for Decorating a Brand-New House

Decorating a brand new home can be exciting and challenging. It can be hard to imagine each room with your chosen furnishings.It can also be expensive—especially after buying a home. In terms of finances, there are special loans and unique financing options available. But it’s also important to have a plan in mind before you buy, so you have the budget and means to make your brand-new house feel like home.

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, then here are some key decorating tips to keep in mind. By following these tips, you can improve both the look and function of your home.

Color Coordination

Before selecting a new living room set, ask yourself if the colors are going to blend nicely with your color scheme. The shades that you choose for the floor, walls, and ceiling may clash or bring an unwanted feel to your space.

It’s best to coordinate your furniture colors and textures with the finished surfaces. However, if you are really set on a particular furniture grouping, then work the color into your home’s color scheme. Take a trip to the paint store and match the furniture colors or with different color blends for the floor and walls.

Beyond just color coordination, choose furniture that’s durable and easy to clean. While your home’s aesthetic is important, you have to keep function in mind as well.

Consider the Corners

Take the time to utilize corners and truly maximize floor space. This can be anything from a small bookshelf to a desk area for study or writing. Corners are often forgotten in the grand scheme of things. But by hanging a pendant light or two in a corner, you can make great use of space. It can also open up the room with additional lighting and make the area look more extensive and inviting.

Storage Is Key

Part of proper traffic flow is having a clutter-free home. While it may seem easy to stay clutter-free in the early stages of moving and decorating, clutter can build up quickly. Take the time now to ensure that you have storage options in your home, so you can keep clutter at back.

No homeowner has ever complained about having too much additional storage. Before moving in, look at every option in manufacturing extra storage in each room. This could be a built-in entertainment center with doors, an ottoman with a hinged top, or a coffee table with drawers on the sides. Hide-a-way storage can also keep small items from getting lost—like remote controls, phones, and reading materials.

Traffic Flow

It doesn’t matter how great all of the colors and textures blend together if you have trouble walking from point A to point B. Having a simple path through each room brings harmony and consistency. You should be able to walk the areas in your new home in your sleep—without stubbing your toe on a strange object.

The Bottom Line

These tips may sound like little details that only add to your long list of things to do. But these tips will help ensure that everything will come together in organized fashion. Ultimately, ensuring the comfort and function of your home is in the details. Trust us, putting in some effort now will save you time, money, and frustration in the end.

If you want more ideas to help you decorate, check out some of the organizational tips that we have for your home.


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