November 9, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Adrienne G. | 11.9.15

moving-awards_yelpI used My Truck Buddy on the recommendation of a friend. They were fantastic. I could not recommend them more. Sean and his team were beyond professional, friendly, all around wonderful. We had issues with parking (it’s DC of course we did). One of my neighbors threw a fit (got out of the car screaming in my face) the team helped me politely diffuse the situation (including asking him to not to yell at me and offered to sit with the truck the entire time and move it whenever he asked. He then decided he could drive around the truck and went away.) When we got to my new place and the reserved parking was not honored (it’s DC of course it wasn’t) they improvised. They had to deal with two small elevators, MANY boxes of books, more stuff that I anticipated (you accumulate a lot after a decade) and did it all with good humor. They made sure all my furniture was where I wanted it and even helped me set up my bed before they left. I really appreciated this many hours later when I collapsed. We had one other hiccup when the My Truck Buddy software did not work and I could not pay for my move–and THEY apologized to ME! I just called a few days later and paid over the phone and again i was apologized to! Highly recommend!

– Adrienne G. | 11.9.15

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