April 26, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Amanda G. | 4.26.15

moving-awards_yelpYou gotta use My Truck Buddy. From the booking, to confirmation, calling to see if they can start earlier than scheduled (YES! I want to be done with this, too).  Very fast service.  This team does not want to sit around and waste your money.  We moved all of my stuff in less than four hours. The estimate given to me by My Truck Buddy was basically spot on.

My neighbors were also moving (using another company) on the same day, and they were jealous of the movers that I had.  They were like: Wow, I wish I had your movers. And then they took down the name of the company for next time.

I did a move from one neighborhood in DC to the next. I couldn’t wait to get on Yelp so other people get hurry  up and chose My Truck Buddy, as there’s no other option.  My moving day was fun, and it was because of them.  Props to Sean and Michael,  the two movers who worked with me.

– Amanda G. | 4.26.15

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