April 21, 2014 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonmyous | 4.21.14

moving-awards_yelpBEST moving experience I have ever had! Moving is such a stressful situation and the 3 gentleman that assisted my move were the most friendly, professional, and organized movers I have ever worked with! They are also extremely efficient, because they had finished up early and called to see if they could come early, which I was thrilled about! They were very respectful of my things and were very cautious to ensure they had picked up everything…as well as placing it exactly where it needed to go.

This also speaks to their characters…..A mattress guy came to deliver my new mattress and he made me very uncomfortable to say the least. The 3 movers stayed with me to ensure I was safe and that he had done everything he needed to do before he left. I was blown away and very thankful they were so caring! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this moving company and plan to use them in every future move. I can’t say enough!!!

– Anonymous | 4.21.14

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