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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 1.19.12

moving-awards_yelpSo it has been several months since I hired these guys to help me move last October. That’s not a reflection on their service in any way. I’m just kind of lazy.

Anyway, these guys are great. I could call up the owner and actually speak with him. Booking was a breeze. Everyone was always very polite, and I wasn’t charged anything for needing to cancel the move the day before because of a problem with the apartment I was moving into. When I rescheduled, they were great about that as well.

The three men I hired to help with the move were impeccably professional. My belongings were well-secured. They were careful with everything and didn’t waste a second. Not once did they stop, not even for a breather. They worked very, very hard.

I plan on asking them to help me with my next move. There’s not even a question in my mind about who to call.

[EDIT] I have just seen that there are some absurd negative reviews on here. I cannot imagine how someone could give these folks such a poor rating. Chris is fantastic person to deal with and very understanding. He really seems to care about providing excellent customer service. And like I mentioned above, the men who showed up for the move were very professional and polite. I cannot stress that enough — I was very impressed. These are good people who work hard.

– Anonymous | 1.19.12


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