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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 10.27.11

moving-awards_yelpSimply a fantastic job! This June I was moving from a two bedroom townhome in Alexandria to a house in Lorton, both of which had three floors. Now don’t let the fact that I only had a two bedroom townhome fool you into thinking this was a medium size job, because I really packed a lot of sh** into those two rooms, and also don’t worry about why I moved in June and I am just writing a review now, all you need to know is that I am just incredibly slow and lazy, and that Truck Buddy did a great job.

When I called I received a very reasonable quote (about 6 hours and $600), set up the appointment, and set to work packing and organizing my belongings with the anal retentiveness that only many years in the military can instill. My goal was to fulfill my drunken boast to a stranger I met at Mango Mike’s bar the night before, “I will be the easiest customer truck buddy ever had! Now pass the peanuts!” or something like that.

Of course they show up early and eager to work as I slowly dragged my hung-over body to the door and through bloodshot eyes watched two gentlemen race up and down the stairs with furniture and boxes, while another gentleman organized and stacked the boxes into the truck. Just 45 minutes later the house is empty, happening so fast I was not even able to run down to the local McDonalds to pick up a couple breakfast burritos, a greasy hash brown and an OJ, a quick cure for even the mightiest of hangovers.

Off to Lorton we go, and the darn truck almost beats me to my own house! I had to “punch it” at every light, run a few stop signs, and swerve to miss hitting a large man wearing a Cowboys jacket who was taking just a little too much time in the crosswalk . I know I should have at least “winged him”, but I was desperate not to lose a moment and make it too my house before the NASCAR driven moving truck.

Once at my residence, I can barely keep up with the pace of the movers coming in and out of the door, up and down the stairs, back and forth from the truck, and am I am just standing in one place watching them. 30 minutes later the move is complete. “Whatcha you talking about Willis!” I am talking about the entire move took barely two hours and that included the drive to Lorton, and I thought it was going to take 6 hours.

Time to pay the bill and my hands, well they are a trembling, because I spent much of the money I had set aside for the movers the night before, buying rounds of drinks for pretty ladies, thinking that somehow I might “get lucky”, but my efforts were to no avail. The grand total of the bill, with a very nice tip…. $300. Just 300 bucks! It would have cost me that much for a U-Haul, a couple large pizzas, and a keg of beer to get my friends to come over and help me move (a.k.a. breaking most of my furniture, smashing several fingers, shouting every curse word in the English language, and even making up a few) on a long Sunday afternoon.

Bottom line, these guys were great. They were on time (actually early), very friendly, nothing was lost, nothing was broke (although my fiancé has a couple Jersey Shore DVD’s, and there certainly would not have been any tears shed had those been lost or smashed), they did the job in less than half the time, and half the cost. This was an easy five star rating. Lesson for myself and anyone calling to utilize their services, if you want to save yourself a lot of money, I saved $300 off the estimate, take the extra time to make sure your stuff is completely packed, organized, and ready to be moved when they arrive.

– Anonymous | 10.27.11

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