October 6, 2011 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 10.6.11

moving-awards_yelpIt’s almost like there are two companies being reviewed here. The reviews are mostly one or five stars and never the twain shall meet. Some people just can’t be pleased I would assume.

My repeated experience with them has been simply stellar. Use them for your move as many have done here. You won’t be disappointed (unless you’re naturally disappointed with, well, everything in life).

I did my first move with MTB a few years ago and they were frickin’ awesome. On time, great communicators, didn’t go through my stuff to seal my stash and/or porn, didn’t break anything, and the moving guys themselves were polite as choir boys. I tried to get them to swear a bit, no luck there.

Then they moved my office. They moved my office again and all was great as before. I don’t have a car big enough to carry a sofa I bought on Craig’s List so they lugged that 800lb monster for me. I’ve recommended them to friends who have been equally delighted.

It’s really hard to go wrong with these guys.

– Anonymous | 10.6.11


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