November 24, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 11.24.10

moving-awards_yelpWe’d used My Truck Buddy for all sorts of smaller moves. Before we had a car, we’d use them to pick up a new piece of furniture we bought or stuff like that. It always went well — good value, careful with our furniture, etc. I wasn’t sure if they would work for a larger move so I put in for an estimate.

Somehow they actually made our move a *good* experience. The reviews here are not exaggerations — these guys are just that awesome. We had a crew that was quick, careful, and didn’t even complain about moving our wardrobe that we literally call “The Green Monster.” In fact, this was probably the most positive experience I’ve had with any service in a decade.

Our crew was also funny, smart, nice with our kids, and an all around joy. And we were their second move of the day.

Oh yeah, and the price is unbelievably low. They came in under all of other estimates.

I don’t have a single complaint. So for small moves or large, these are the guys you need to go with.

– Anonymous | 11.24.10

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