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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 12.17.13

moving-awards_yelpHiring My Truck Buddy was money well spent!

I’ve never used movers personally for a move, and my only experience was in Minneapolis moving my dad and those movers never showed up, so I was very reluctant to make the investment, but am super glad I did.

I found My Truck Buddy from its Yelp reviews, and also used their partner company they recommended Rent Our Boxes.

I can’t offer a price comparison, but they were incredibly easy to schedule online at exactly the time and date I wanted. AND THEY ACTUALLY SHOWED UP A FEW MINUTES EARLY!! They were patient when I asked they move the truck to a different entrance that I originally suggested, and didn’t pause even for a second while they loaded and unloaded.

They even got the box spring mattress down my stairs in just a few seconds, whereas the IKEA deliverymen actually gave up after several minutes of wrestling with it when I first bought it.

The price was within the estimate window they gave me, even though the elevator at my new apartment ended up being more of a hassle than expected.

They were friendly, dependable, and efficient. What more can you ask for?!

– Anonymous | 12.17.13

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