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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 12.17.13

moving-awards_yelpYelpers, read this so you can use them and avoid the heart-breaking move I had with other folks. (Eight months pregnant, on bed rest, on an AIR MATTRESS because they were late.)

I’m actually talking to MTB for a last second move with them – that’s how great our experience was.

I worked with Chris at My Truck Buddy for our previous move out of a 2BR. They were amazing, considering that Tropical Storm Sandy was due in the DC area on the day of our move. They monitored it and were able to keep the move day – in fact, telling us they were happy we were willing to keep it because other clients had been panicking and hitting them with a glut of reschedules. They even accommodated a few last minute changes that honestly were annoying on my part. The estimate for the 2BR was around $650.

Despite the utter crap weather and the chaos, Pete and his team were efficient, professional, and fast. They obviously were team-oriented and had a great attitude about the whole day.

Did I mention an accurate estimate and reasonable cost that left me feeling that I wasn’t robbed AND they paid their guys fairly? Yes.

– Anonymous | 12.17.13


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