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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 2.19.12

moving-awards_yelpI first hired Chris and his team at My Truck Buddy in January 2010 to help move all my things into storage. The only drawback was that I didn’t know they were JUST movers, and didn’t actually pack things. However, that drawback was easily fixed when they came back the next day, with boxes, and helped me pack and move everything. Chris was so accommodating, incredibly nice on the phone, and very good about working with me to get boxes and help me pack, even though that’s not what he expects from his guys at all. Absolutely wonderful to deal with, and the move was so efficient and smooth. They even let me ride in the truck because I didn’t have a car.

Fast forward to September 2010 when I had to move my things out of storage. Again, wonderful experience and a great team helped me move everything. They were in and out in under two hours. The team also helped me put my big items back together, including my bed from west elm that has drawers and weighs a ton (not kidding).

I hired the team again last week to move my things into storage again, since I’m going on deployment for a year and don’t trust the whomever the Navy hires. The guys were an hour late arriving, but it was because the power went out in Leesburg and one of the two slept through his alarm. But they called half an hour before they were scheduled to arrive, and it worked out in my favor because I needed the extra hour to finish packing some things. Once they came, they were super efficient about moving everything out, loading the truck in a way that unloading items into my storage unit would make sense, and then also taking apart my big items. The only thing we couldn’t do is dump my mattress and a few other furniture items that I wasn’t able to sell.

Overall, the guys who work at My Truck Buddy are great to work with, their communication is well above standard, and overall I was very pleased with all of their jobs. I only wish everyone who moved me was as professional as they are.

– Anonymous | 2.19.12

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