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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 3.19.12

moving-awards_yelpI had a rather small job that consisted of moving a few pieces of furniture inside our house from the 2nd and 1st floor to the basement. I was concerned because these pieces are handcrafted, have glass doors, and are large and heavy. When I prospected various companies, I send pictures of the pieces. I got turned down from a few companies because either the pieces were too large for their expertise or the company deemed the work too small. I was getting frustrated until I call My Truck Buddy who took on the job with no issue. I thought for sure that the work would take a half day so I was completely flabbergasted when they were done in 1.5 hour. They moved the pieces safely and with ease. They took great care of our belongings while moving. They were kind and professional. And guess what: less time, less money. Their prices are UNBEATABLE!! Their estimate is trustworthy. Kuddos to MY TRUCK BUDDY, I now know who to call directly!

– Anonymous | 3.19.12


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