March 21, 2011 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 3.21.11

moving-awards_yelpTruck Bud was easily the best decision I made when making my most recent move. The three young men showed up on time (they would have even been early had I not forgotten to tell them which entrance to the lot to use!) They cheerfully and quickly moved us out of a third floor walk up to the point that only 20min I left to go to the new place while my husband stayed because they were almost done. When we got to the new place I found that the service elevator had been double booked. The guys were more then willing to work with us while I found them a place to park the truck, and the move actually ended up being easier then if we had the elevator. In my communications with the owner he had quoted me at 3 guys for 5 hours. They were in and out in about 3.5hrs, nothing we owned had so much as dirt on it, never mind a scratch. My husband and I were beyond thrilled with the service that we received and I would not hesitate to call again or recommend them to a friend!

– Anonymous | 3.21.11

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