March 21, 2012 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 3.21.12

moving-awards_yelpThese guys were amazing! Not only were they quick, but they put up with a lot of stairs, and did it gracefully. Even when they had to pull the truck around into the alley (which was about five inches wider than the truck), they did it, and busted a hump to get everything unpacked.

I’ve read several of the negative reviews, and just have to say, SHUT UP! I sent a ‘request for quote’ on the website, and heard back within 24 hours, scheduling the move for about ten days later. They were on time, took great care, move quickly, and were friendly to boot!

I would recommend they move everyone, everywhere, always. Pete and the guys are amazing! WOO HOO!

– Anonymous | 3.21.12


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