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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 4.16.13


I can’t say enough about good things about these guys. I was doing a local move from a two-bedroom to a two-bedroom, and, due to other scheduled service calls, I had a small, scheduled window of time for the entire move to happen. My Truck Buddy fit the need perfectly.

They were EARLY. Not obnoxiously early — just early enough to signify that they are organized & that they think of everything regarding logistics — like gated communities, commuter schedules & parking and the fact that it might take them a while to find a spot.

They were efficient….amazingly efficient. These guys did not pause. They started. They finished.They finished more quickly than originally estimated. Which means that it cost LESS than originally anticipated. Pick a service category…especially moving…when does that EVER happen?

They were CAREFUL. I had some pieces i was really worried about…they did a terrific job not scratching or denting some very easily damaged furniture.

Which brings me to another great point — they are HONEST about what’s required for the move to be efficient and damage-free. I read the guidelines. They are well-written (even witty) and helpful. Help yourself and at least give them a skim — some great reminders there which should ensure your experience was as awesome as mine.

They were FRIENDLY and HELPFUL. There was no grunting and pointing or begrudging, lethargic toting. They communicated. They asked questions. They said please and thank you. They were interested in doing a good job on this job…probably so they could get going to be early and do a good job on the next job.

And, since they’re business savvy, they were probably also thinking about the exponential value of a positive referral 🙂

– Anonymous | 4.16.13


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