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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 5.31.12

moving-awards_yelpJudge for yourself. I booked them at the last minute, less than a week before moving on May 24 2012 from Silver Spring MD to Herndon VA. The other company I contacted didn’t respond for 5 days and the answer was no. Communication with David was great, he emailed back fast and clear and accommodated to my schedule. David and Sean (? started to forget his name, exhausted for the last 2 weeks) came even earlier than on time, worked as fast as you can imagine, were very careful with every item. Maybe they didn’t have “professional” wrapping as some say, but I don’t know how “professional” looks like and care only about the result that is just fine.

It took much longer than estimated but there is no standard for 1BR time moving. I thought I didn’t have much furniture and just few boxes. I was wrong. It is faster to carry few big items than dozens smaller that I have, and “few boxes” multiplied the night before in a lot. For those who will estimate their move – take into account how far is to walk to your elevator, how accessible a loading dock is, etc. Because there was much more to load than I’ve thought it took longer and we got in the beginning of traffic; it added almost an hour to our ride. I was charged $591 that was much more than I expected but fair for 4 hours of their hard work. I can’t imagine that somebody would do it faster: load from my 10th floor, drive for 1.5 hours and unload. I’ve got a ride in a truck because I don’t have a car.

Overall my experience was very good (if I can call a nightmare of any moving “good”). I can recommend My Truck Buddy to anyone without reservations and will use them again if have to move.

– Anonymous | 5.31.12

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