May 6, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 5.6.10

moving-awards_yelpCount me as one more person who found Chris and his team on Yelp and then signed up just to rate them. I hired Chris to unload a very full 26-foot truck that I moved in from out of the area, and it could not have been a better experience.

He was slated to start at 2 p.m., as he had another move in the morning, but was able to get started almost two hours earlier after finishing the morning job. His letting me know he could start early saved me untold hours in traffic returning a giant rental truck at 5 p.m.

Chris and his guys were professional, friendly and efficient. They took care with furniture and fragile boxes while getting the job done fast. My jaw hit the floor when, at the end of the move, the total cost for his three-man crew was less than half what i paid for a two-man crew to load my truck in Tennessee!

More or less, if you don’t use these guys, you’re nuts. Get them booked and don’t look back on the bad old days of sketchy moving companies that jack up mystery fees and break your stuff!

(And, per Chris’ comment below, he will put the hurt to any spiders he faces, because that’s how he rolls.)

– Anonymous | 5.6.10

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