June 15, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 6.15.10

moving-awards_yelpThree fellas from My Truck Buddy just helped up move an insane amount of furniture and boxes from our 4th Floor Walkup to a new townhouse – in June, hot and humid – in less time than we could have expected and less time (therefore, money) that was originally quoted to us. A few things…

1)They were NICE GUYS – we have used movers for 4 moves now, the first 3 times were big national companies. You spend a LONG time with movers, and it makes a big difference in the tone of the day if they are nice guys that you don’t mind spending the day with. The big national companies contract total thugs who have often made me feel uncomfortable and they often COMPLAIN as they are moving (and also smoke usually, so they smell bad and make your home smell). These guys were the complete opposite – nice, grad students, polite, sociable.

2) They were SKILLED. We had some complicated heavy items that had to fit through tight doors and passageways. It would have been impossible to fit the items, but somehow they did it with the greatest of ease.

So satisfied! We also ordered our boxes from one the Box Kit companies they recommend on their web site (the one that was not used boxes) and that was a big help.

So impressed by this company.

– Anonymous | 6.15.10

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