June 15, 2012 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 6.15.12

moving-awards_yelpMy Truck Buddy provided a seamless, stress free, efficient, and cost effective way of moving from our townhouse to a single family home almost an hour away. This was one of the easiest moving experiences I’ve ever had, and at a great price. Pete, Nico, and Tyler showed up right on time. In fact, they were even a bit early. After a quick survey of the place, they started moving our stuff into their tuck. They were VERY fast, and very well organized. They were able to load a 26 ft truck, drive an hour to the new place, and unload in almost exactly 4 hours (including the drive!). They even had great advice on how to get rid of our boxes, and we ended up selling them on Craig’s list for $100, which I never would have thought about if they hadn’t said something. These guys are good! Thanks Pete, Nico, and Tyler!

– Anonymous | 6.15.12

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