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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 6.18.10

moving-awards_yelpAlthough its taken me nearly 2 months to write this review, that’s no reflection on how great Chris and Jimmy were, I’ve just been incredibly busy after moving across country to California. Anyway, these two were amazing. One, Chris was incredibly responsive to my wife’s emails when we were trying to figure out who we, if anyone, would go with. Second, Chris was willing to fit us in to his schedule, even more amazing considering we were asking him to deliver our furniture from Capitol Hil, DC to Elkridge, MD (which is a bit further than he usually goes). And his est. was still cheaper than some of the others we considered.

The day of the move, Chris and Jimmy showed up exactly on time. Big plus! Then the speed at which they worked. I think they got our more than 40 boxes out of the house into the truck within an hour. They got us to Elkridge and got our stuff into the trailer we kept it in (ABF review coming soon!) by 11am.

Chris and Jimmy were very personable, funny guys, and they really felt like buddies during the 2 hrs. they were in our lives. We were able to chit-chat about sports, Cali. v DC, and some other stuff. They even gave me and my wife major props for our packing abilities and making their job one of the easiest moves they’ve had in a very long time. But like my wife said to them, they “probably say that to everyone.”

Seriously, if you have a move and need to hire movers, these are the guys to go to.

– Anonymous | 6.18.10


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