June 7, 2012 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 6.7.12

moving-awards_yelpWow. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was so happy with a service. I started by giving the owner Chris a call on the phone to check if my day was available, and then used the online form to set up an appointment. The service is very accommodating to a variety of furniture and belongings. Just enter your best guess for what all you need to have moved, and you’ll get a quote back by the next day. I used the standard 1-bedroom plan.

When moving day came, my movers (Joel, Ty, and Ben) arrived right on time and got right to it. The truck these guys use is surprisingly maneuverable, and Joel was able to back right up to my door in DC. The movers were very polite and communicated quite well with each other. No salty banter with this crew, if that matters to you. Two and a half hours later, the ENTIRE JOB was done and everything was transferred to my new location. Zero issues, no damaged furniture, no scuffed walls, and a really fair price with no hidden nonsense. You pay for the truck and the timed labor and that’s it. 100% satisfied.

– Anonymous | 6.7.12


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