July 19, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 7.19.10

moving-awards_yelpThese guys rock! I really wasn’t looking forward to moving again because the last time was a fiasco, but this outfit was totally different. Due to delays with settlement, I didn’t know I would be able to move for sure until the day before it needed to happen and Chris was able to work me in. The crew was on time, bright, energetic, and careful. Everything they did was well thought out and organized and it made for a very smooth day. I’d almost call them miracle workers as they were able to get a pair of couches through a door that they really shouldn’t have been able to fit through (yay for people who understand angles!!!). They also got a beastly huge, two piece china cabinet type thing (a Geschirrschrank) with lots of glass and mirrors safely moved with no damage. Amazing. They didn’t even complain about my seemingly unendless boxes of books. I don’t plan on moving again any time soon, but I will be recommending these guys to everyone I know who is.

– Anonymous | 7.19.10

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