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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 7.7.11

moving-awards_yelpI’ve moved a quite a lot over the last 5 years, and one thing I realized a while ago is that I have definitely reached the point where the cost/benefit analysis of paying someone else to do the work for me came long ago. Somehow I managed to accumulate a lot of stuff in my life, and unfortunately most of it is pretty damn heavy, especially when packed tightly into 30 gallon containers. So, when I finally got the chance to jump on a beautiful rowhome in DC I knew right away who I would be calling. I actually wanted to use My Truck Buddy for my move from McLean to Alexandria the year before, but unfortunately they were entirely booked at the time. It did give me yet another company to compare them to however, and makes it even easier to assert why I feel they are the best movers in the business.

Since my move to Alexandria a year ago they have expanded the operation (including a few new cities), so there was a bit more flexibility in the schedule when I was booking my move to DC. With only about 3 weeks notice I was able to secure the date that I needed, although I was a little worried that the only time slot was in the afternoon. As anyone knows, getting into DC later in the day, dealing with traffic, and then trying to find a parking spot for a huge moving truck, in Logan Circle of all places, is no easy task and can be quite time consuming. While there was little I could do to change that, it wound up not being an issue at all because the crew was so incredibly efficient.

To be fair, I’m pretty well organized when it comes to moving now, and I had everything in easy to load piles of containers (much more sturdy than boxes, and have handles). They did show up about an hour early too (after calling to make sure it was OK), so I had to disassemble some things as they were moving others, and didn’t quite get everything packed that I had wanted to. Again, it didn’t really matter since I filled the entire truck up, so anything left behind I would have to come back and get myself. The early arrival and relatively quick loading time meant that they were on the road by 4PM, avoiding most of the awful DC gridlock, and somehow managed to get lucky with a parking spot directly in front of my house.

Just a bit under 2 hours later and all my stuff was moved into the exact rooms I had instructed, not a single item was broken, and they were done in time to put me right in the middle of the estimate that was provided prior to moving. I passed on the rest of the difference as a tip to the moving crew for being so outstanding. I know some of the things I had them moving I would absolutely not want to have done myself, or even with friends, so they saved me a lot of time and more importantly the physical strain. One of the best things, as others have noted, is that you essentially only pay for the hours these guys work with no fuel or weight surcharges, and they don’t try to charge you outrageous amounts for special items like HDTV’s and picture frames.

– Anonymous | 7.7.11

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