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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 9.19.11

moving-awards_yelpOne of my dear friends recently moved apartments and used theses guys. He has such a good experience, when my boyfriend and I were looking to move into our first home we called them up.

I was over the top happy with these guys. We finally moved about a month ago and it was money well spent. They were punctual (actually 15 minutes early), super nice and personable, fast, clean and careful.

We have been living in our 1 bedroom + Den for 4 years and have accumulated enough stuff for a three bedroom. I shop, I have a lot of stuff, and my furniture has a tendency to multiply. So I was really worried about the cost and overall time the move would take. I gotta say, it was quick. They were super well prepared, which made everything go smoother. Not only did they bring the right size truck, but they had blankets and straps to keep everything safe. There was a bunch of stuff that couldn’t fit into boxes that I had planned to take in my car…and they helped me pack that too! It was great.

When we got to the new house, My boyfriend and I literally sat in the carport (finally getting a chance to eat breakfast), and just pointed to what room things needed to go to. It was so easy, I was beside myself.

While one guy was reassembling our furniture the other 2 helped unpack our cars and arrange the furniture. It was sure a relief to have it all go so well. We had been quoted 3 men for 3-5 hours. And it took exactly 3 hours. And the cost was reasonable. We were so happy, we bought a round of doughnuts!

I highly recommend these guys. And even though I don’t plan on ever moving again (yea right), I’d definitely use them if I was going to.

– Anonymous | 9.19.11

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