September 4, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 9.4.10

moving-awards_yelpWe found Chris and his company, my Truck Buddy, on Yelp, thanks to all your positive reviews!

He and his crew moved us out this past week and the experience, as far as moves go, was seamless. And I was plenty nervous – my sister in law moved cross country and her movers “lost” her car…plenty of friends have had horrible experiences. But they didn’t use Truck Bud. (We did)

Chris checked in a day or two before to confirm that what we had would fit in the truck he was planning to bring. (It did)

He showed up on the day of the move on time, with truck & supplies, and with two competent helpers in his crew. The three of them had us out of our old apartment and into our new home in the time we had estimated – and with everything intact.

No scrapes on the wall, no broken furniture, no nothing. The game of Tetris they played to fit everything snugly and securely into the back of the truck was a triumph – as has been mentioned again and again here, they are skilled and efficient in the ways of loading a truck.

We’d happily recommend them and use them again when/if we have to move (*shudder* at the thought) in a heartbeat.

– Anonymous | 9.4.10

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