April 15, 2008 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Candice T. | 4.15.08

moving-awards_yelpThis was the first time I’ve ever used a moving company to move me. I found this company on Yelp, so I figured I should give back to the community and share my experience as well. I was stressed out enough as it is, but to make matters worse I found that I had neglected to reserve the freight elevator at my new place (how was I supposed to know? now I feel a little silly). I had to completely rearrange my move based on when the freight elevator was available and when MTB could do it. We decided on a day and time that left me approximately 12 hours to pack almost my entire apartment. David didn’t even blink even though I’m sure a lesser person would have (and also probably called me an idiot). The whole move from start to finish was completely professional and well-organized. This was the easiest part of the entire thing. The only easy part. Well, this and the boxes (see “Rent Your Boxes”).

– Candice T. | 4.15.08

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