August 16, 2009 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Dave G. | 8.16.09

moving-awards_yelpThis company is awesome. Not only did they arrange to arrive earlier than planned, but they were polite, efficient, and interested in doing both a professional and a timely job–which saved me money.

Often when you find a bargain you figure you’re getting low quality services. Something about Chris told me when I first talked with him that wasn’t going to be the case with My Truck Buddy. I’m delighted that I was right.

It is as described–as if your buddy (and another friend in my case) are coming to help you with your move. Except when friends help you tend not to let them do the major lifting. With these guys you can.

I highly recommend this company, and will be sure to tell my friends about them, and next time I move (hopefully not soon) they will be my first call!

– Dave G. | 8.16.09

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