May 19, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Elizabeth W. | 5.19.15

moving-awards_yelpI booked MTB because I saw their awesome reviews even though they weren’t my lowest quote, but I was expecting standard service despite that (because I’m generally a cynical person). I fully admit, they exceeded my expectations 1000x–I was very impressed! Eddie, Maurice, and Eric helped me move–they were 20 minutes early, and they had everything out of my apartment in less than an hour–definitely pros. All things said and done, they had my entire move completed below their low-end of the estimate (they said 2-4 hours but were done in 1.75). At that speed, they ended up costing me less than the lowest quote I received anyway! They were professional and friendly, and they were careful with my belongings. I had some loose items that I just threw in my car because they weren’t properly packed, and the guys helped me move those into my new place as well.

Overall, this is the least stressful move that I’ve ever done, and MTB was definitely a huge part of that. I’m never moving myself anywhere ever again; this would have taken me two solid days on my own, and it took them less than 2 hours.

I’m going to annoy all of my friends if I don’t stop raving about MTB to them soon, but I have no hesitation about recommending this company wholeheartedly!

– Elizabeth Wester | 5.19.15

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