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5-Star Yelp Review | Emily S. | 4.2.15

moving-awards_yelpWe just moved yesterday (04/01/15) with Jimmy, Chuck and Elmer. Our move was slightly unusual because we were actually doing a local Baltimore to Baltimore move. I know MTB is based out of Alexandria, but they were willing to drive all the way to Baltimore to help and it was well worth the extra travel fee.

One word: AMAZING.

These guys arrived early and were lightning fast. We had a basement full of furniture and boxes and they managed to move all of that stuff up and out of a narrow staircase in less than an hour, and have all of our stuff moved into the new place in another hour and a half. They managed to move all of our belongings in half the time that other companies estimated, and the overall price ended up being less than the other quotes from Baltimore companies.

Jimmy, Chuck, and Elmer were great. Super nice guys who worked so efficiently I was blown away by their speed and quality of care. At one point we had an item of glass that we didn’t really care about, and they still wrapped it gently in moving blankets and made sure it got to the new location in one piece. I couldn’t recommend this company more, I am raving about it at work as we speak!

If these guys were to come back to Baltimore I would definitely buy them a round of Natty Boh!

– Emily S. | 4.2.15

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