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5-Star Yelp Review | Erika H. | 12.4.09

moving-awards_yelpTake notice people. All reviewers gave Truck Bud, LLC as many stars possible for a reason!

Chris and Co. (in our case, Brett and David) gave us a pretty darned perfect moving experience at a more than reasonable price. They were all friendly, funny and adorable. They took great care of our stuff and moved quickly and efficiently. Heck, they were so focused on the job that I had to physically place cold bottles of water in each of their hands to get them to take a break for a second. And when I did, they were all very kind and appreciative.

Did I mention that we moved on Thanksgiving Eve? And when we realized after the move that Chris had accidentally taken off with our personal hand-truck, he even offered to bring it back to us the next morning… on friggin’ Thanksgiving! We, of course, told him that we didn’t need to screw up his Turkey Day over a silly ol’ hand-truck, so he brought it back to us on the weekend instead.

Honestly, the whole process was great, and if we ever need anything moved again, big or small, we’ll be calling on MyTruckBuddy for sure. 😀

– Erika H. | 12.4.09

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