April 15, 2008 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Erika S. | 4/15/08

moving-awards_yelpThank you to Chris and Ben for my super-smooth move this weekend! I went to Chris’ website and booked my moving date, and Chris confirmed via email. They were a little late on moving day, but on this I give a little leeway since it was 9/11 and the traffic was pretty horrendous.

They took apart and put together my bed, which is an infuriating piece of machinery (it lifts up on a hinge to allow for storage underneath). Chris put it back together even without instructions. He was visibly frustrated, but didn’t complain.

If you have a larger move, he can rent a moving truck for a low fee – especially if someone else has booked something on the same day, the truck rental fee is split between the 2 jobs. My previous moves had been outrageously expensive – over $600 to move a studio apartment. Chris has a flat hourly rate – even with my infuriating bed, the 4-hour move cost under $350. An amazing deal considering the amount of work they actually did. I’ll definitely be using My Truck Bud again for my next move!

– Erika S. | 4.15.08

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