March 3, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Jon S. | 3.3.2010

moving-awards_yelpHaving 2 bedrooms and lots of “stuff,” including furniture not of the particle board variety, I was initially concerned that our move might be too big for this operation. I debated hiring a bigger moving company, but ultimately went with Chris and My Truck Buddy because of the strong recommendations, because I always prefer supporting small businesses/entrepreneurs, and because ultimately, a moving company is only as good as the people actually doing the move and I liked knowing that there was more responsibility and ownership to the business.

I wasn’t disappointed. I thought the move went as fast as it could and have no complaints. Chris and his team were honest, good guys who worked hard and treated our stuff like it was their own. Ultimately, what more can you ask for.

In case anyone out there like me is worried about “insurance,” (and I heard we’re growing in number) since this is something the bigger guys claim to offer. I debated whether it was worthwhile, but at the end of the day, I’ve been through many big moves and rarely are claims ever filed. Moving is hard on furniture, no matter who you hire. More likely than not, any damage is either not going to be big enough to justify the time and effort a claim takes, nor are you likely to notice it until it’s too late anyway. I went with Chris and have no regrets.

– Jon S. | 3.3.2010

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