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5-Star Yelp Review | Nancy H. | 1.26.15

moving-awards_yelpMy daughter was in a short-term rental in DC that, once the weather turned cold, became intolerable for several reasons. We had been thinking about her next move, but she suddenly insisted it had to happen asap. While she looked for a new place, I started trying to figure out how to get her move set up while I was still in California. It all happened in a two week time span and one of the big reasons was My Truck Buddy. The name caught my attention, ’cause what I needed was a buddy with a truck, and after reading the reviews, they seemed the perfect solution. And they did not disappoint.

We had been saving boxes from my daughter’s initial relocation and I was hoping we had enough if I was able to get some wardrobe boxes. MTB’s referral to Rent Our Boxes was just what I needed. I didn’t seem to find the best way to contact the box folks, but David was instrumental in passing on my requests and helping me make that connection. I still didn’t have the best contact info for my boxes, which led to a delay in them being delivered. They were supposed to come early on the morning of our move, but traffic jams delayed their arrival.

So the boxes were late. And then I heard from MTB and they were arriving early. I was just loading up the last wardrobe box when they arrived. By the time I finished, they had all of the boxes out of the apartment and loaded in the truck (no furniture, so they were lightning quick). Charles and Delonte waited patiently while I threw the contents of the refrigerator into my last available box and then offered me a ridealong to the new location. MTB had arrived about 1/2 hour early and we were in the truck and on the way to the new place before they were originally supposed to arrive.

Once at the new place, the management insisted I read and sign about 20 pages of documents before they could release keys to the apartment. Meantime I was feeling guilty that MTB was on hold in the loading dock waiting to get in. When I was finally done with all the signing we went out to the dock to let the guys start to move and found that the truck was empty and no one was there. We went up to the apartment to find them waiting patiently outside the door for us to let them in. I was happy to find that they had taken the initiative to keep the process going rather than just wait. They had everything inside in probably less than ten minutes and were ready to go. After all of that, their charge for the move was for less time than I felt I had really taken and had to talk them into charging me at least a bit more (sorry if that upsets the boss).

I could not have been happier with the service and the professionalism of everyone involved. My daughter’s move is still a work in progress as she will be having more furnishings delivered over the next few months. Since she is a gal with no tools other than a cheap screwdriver from CVS, I’m happy to know that MTB can help with pickup and assembly of the furniture still to come.

In my experience, MTB offers a unique business model that can both successfully compete with traditional moving companies but also fill the need for more personalized services that are otherwise hard to find. And they perform at the highest level. I look forward to working with them in the future.

– Nancy H. | 1.26.15

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