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5-Star Yelp Review | Nathan H. | 8.26.14

moving-awards_yelpIf you’ve already decided you want to save your friendships and leave your move to the pros, but are just trying to figure out who to hire, stop now and make an appointment with these guys. You won’t be disappointed!

I had a truly pain-in-the-ass move, and MTB handled the job from start to finish with top-notch service. My move involved consolidating three young professionals from a one-bedroom apartment, a studio, and a group house into a new three-bedroom rowhouse. At first, I booked alone, but MTB handled my request to move all three of us with no problem.

I was beyond impressed with their ability to move stuff fast and with care. No scratches, no dents. I had a full load over furniture from Overstock at one pick up location and I actually witnessed one of the movers hoist a box that contained about 80 percent of a sofa over his shoulder, ain’t no thang. Similar feats of brute strength were displayed throughout load out and load in.

Even though the guys had to make a second pick up, they managed to move all of us in to the new house within four hours, meaning they came in well under the top end of their estimate, which we happily gave to the movers as a cash tip.

Settling up at the end was super easy, the crew leader swiped my Amex and I had a receipt within seconds by text and e-mail.

Having used sketchy movers before, I found MTB’s simple pricing and awesome crews to be well worth the money. Despite being one of the more logistically complex moves I’ve had, this was by far the least mentally and physically taxing. Thanks, MTB! I’ll definitely be using you guys for my next relocation.

– Nathan H. | 8.26.14

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