December 17, 2009 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Sarah H. | 12.17.09

moving-awards_yelpMy queen-sized bed had overstayed its welcome in my friend’s Leesburg basement, and my boyfriend’s parents in Springfield graciously offered me a spot to keep it. Difficulty: I didn’t know anyone with a truck, and was unwilling to rent and drive one myself. Enter Chris, who enthusiastically agreed to do the move for a small extra fee (to cover gas and tolls) despite the fact that it was out of his normal operating area.

The move went smoothly even though I was stuck at work and couldn’t be there to see it done myself. Chris kept me informed when the job before mine took an unexpectedly long time (causing a small delay), and both my friend in Leesburg and my boyfriend proclaimed him friendly and professional. Now the bed is snuggled safely in its new home, I’m perfectly pleased with the service I received, and I’ll definitely be using Truck Bud again when I move the rest of my stuff!

– Sarah H. | 12.17.09

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