March 16, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Zaneta D. | 3.16.15

moving-awards_yelpThis review is a little late as my move happened mid February.  But better late then never.

My Truck Buddy – you guys are simply amazing!  I had a pretty bad experience with my last movers (stolen items, late, slow, unresponsive, you name it) and was very hesitant when my new move approached.  My Truck Buddy was recommended by my neighbors who were extremely happy with them.  I decided to trust their recommendation and oh boy, was I happy I did!  These guys are amazing!  The whole process from getting a quote to the end of the move was very smooth and easy.  They even called me ahead of time to let me know they may be a bit late since the last job may run late (they were not).  When they arrived, they introduced themselves and right away made me feel at ease.  They worked very fast, were very professional, patient (my bed is difficult to take apart:-(), friendly, accommodating, and overall just awesome.  They took such great care of my boxes, furniture, TV.   They just put all my worries about a move at ease.  I will absolutely use these hard working, honest, reliable and fantastic guys again and will recommend them to everyone.  This is one fantastic moving company and I will never fear a move again:-)

– Zaneta D. | 3.16.15

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