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6 Ways to Maximize a Small Living Space

Whether you’ve chosen to live in a tiny house or you live in a dorm room apartment with a roommate, there are plenty of reasons why people live in small spaces. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean your approach has to be. If you create and plan out an incredible design strategy of your living space, it can feel spacious and cozy at the same time. In order to maximize every ounce of space in your home, consider these six tips.

Purchase Dual-Purpose Items

Choose furniture items that can do multiple things. If you have children, they tend to like playing with their toys. Instead of dealing with tons of toys on the floor at the end of each night, purchase a large ottoman that opens up to be a storage unit. Your children can place the toys in the ottoman. At the end of the night, while they’re asleep, you can put your feet up on the ottoman and relax. Also learn how to do more with less! Reuse items and retrofit old things and make them new.

Utilize Wall Space

Don’t forget about the walls that keep the roof over your head. Those walls can be just as useful as the drawers. Granted, you don’t want to overcrowd the walls. However, you can use the walls as strategic storage. In the kitchen, hang the spice rack on the wall for easy access when you’re cooking. If you have a thriving book collection, don’t buy a clunky bookcase. Instead, purchase a few floating shelves to stack your books. This will free up more floor space as well. Instead of standing the TV on a large entertainment center, purchase a flat-screen. TV wall mounting will work perfectly so that you can sit and enjoy a night of your favorite shows.


It’s easy for items to pile up in the home. Whether it’s the junk mail from the mailbox or the pile of laundry on the floor in the bedroom, declutter and get rid of things you don’t need or use. Every day, handle smaller items like dishes, mail, and other clutter. It’s a great idea to have a major decluttering session at the end of each season. During this session, you can fill up a bag to recycle, one to throw away and one to donate to friends and family members. When you declutter, it’ll also help with clearing your mind. When you can come home to a clean environment, this can help you decompress after a long day.

Use Glass

Glass has a magical way of making a space look bigger than it actually is. You can include glass in a few ways. First, you can purchase glass mirrors to hang on the walls. If you purchase large mirrors, place them across from windows. The natural light will illuminate off of the mirrors to help the space look large. You can also incorporate glass through furniture. Glass side tables, dining room tables, and lucite chairs will also work to add dimension.

Make Every Piece Count

When you bring something new into your home, it’s time to get rid of something old. Stay on top of this rule so that you don’t overcrowd your space. If you purchase fabulous new utensils, recycle the old ones. If you’ve purchased a new set of throw pillows, wash the old ones and donate them. Notice how long it takes some people to pack up their homes. When they do so, they find countless new things they forgot they had. This happens when people don’t actively take inventory of what they had. When you maintain this rule for everything from your clothing to your decor, you’ll be able to enjoy a clear, intentional living space.

Take Advantage of Your Ceilings

If you are a plant lover, consider the idea of hanging your plants from the ceiling. With the right fixtures, it can look effortless and chic. Don’t purchase standing lamps or lamps for the side tables. Instead, buying lights that you can hang from the ceiling as well. This will help you illuminate the room better. Plus, you’ll be able to free up more space on the ground. A beautiful chandelier will look amazing in the middle of a room. If you preferred a subdued option, recessed lighting is always in style and gets the job done as well.

As you work toward making the space perfect for you, remember that it’s okay to edit as you go. If you see that a design strategy isn’t looking the way you want it to, sit down and become inspired again. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your home decor won’t be either. Don’t rush the process. Allow the bones of the home to guide you in the right direction. It’s wise to be thoughtful about this process because the way a home looks and feels can have a major impact on your overall mood.

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