November 17, 2015 KME Digital

AWESOME customer feedback

These are nice to see in the inbox first thing in the morning. We moved this person yesterday.

Hi David,

I am so glad to be able to write to you about my experience with your crew.  Maurice and Charles were fantastic!  We’d hired your firm to pick up some furniture in a Bethesda house and deliver to my apartment in DC.  They arrived a few minutes early, and N. called me to tell me how impressed she was with their professionalism.  They got to my place in 30 minutes, were pleasant and polite while immediately unloading, and efficiently transporting and unpacking my items. They finished quickly, cleaned up the materials, and double checked that all was okay.
I’ve had some lousy experiences with moving companies, from late arrivals, to broken items, to rude or clueless personnel.  These two guys have totally restored my faith.  But what happened next really blew me away…. When I mentioned to them that they were super fast and super good Maurice actually said to me, “well, our company’s reputation is at stake. How we work matters”  Wow.  I’m a manager myself and would KILL to have any employee say that.  I mentioned that I liked the website and they said the whole company was cool. I admit, I’d be happy  to have my folks say that too?
Throughout they worked impressively well as a team (they really had it down pat) and were very nice and always professional. This wasn’t the biggest job you booked that day, but it was incredibly important to me, and they treated it that way.
Even one of the building employees asked me later who they worked for, so he could keep the name, and my contractors who were on site claimed they were “blown away” by the efficiency and “no drama” work they did.
Your company deserves all the great reviews you get, but I really wanted to give a shout out to these two team members – they were incredibly impressive to this jaded old soul, and wonderful representatives of your business.  You are really doing something right, to have employees like this with 2 and 3 year tenure with the company. (yes, I asked, and thought it spoke volumes.)
Sorry for the verbiage, just wanted to be sure you got the message that Maurice and Charles are really doing right by your customers and your company…. kudos!

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