June 18, 2015 KME Digital

Did you know there’s a waterpark right over here in Alexandria?

Yeah, so there’s a waterpark right over here in Alexandria.

It’s Great Waves Waterpark, and while I don’t have any direct experience with it yet, I’m going to use my context clues to determine that it has water and slides. With the kind of weather we’re heading into (of which we’ve already gotten a sample), this could be the ideal place to go after work in the furnace that is Washington, DC.

Great Waves Waterpark

Allow me to be your travel guide and suggest some other nearby destinations for after work or a little staycation…

After hitting the waterpark, you could cruise over to the Port City Brewing Company, which is located right over here on Wheeler Ave. They have a spacious tasting room with just about everything they br
ew on tap. It’s been the site of a few Truck Buddy related get-togethers.

Speaking of which, after your slip-n-slide adventure and micro brews, you could swing by MTB World Headquarters and pick up some boxes and moving supplies since we’re right down the street. You could also talk to someone on the leadership team to discuss the particular characteristics of your move. Maybe even fill out an Estimate Request Form!

Boxes 3

See what I did there? We went from waterpark to getting an estimate. What did you expect? This is the blog of a moving company, after all. 😉


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