January 23, 2018 KME Digital

Elfa shelving is life

I’ve been using Elfa shelves for years now. My wife got me hooked on it (so to speak).

I’m the type of person who, I like to tell myself, is just too busy to put things away. I have ideas, you see, and I have to follow them to their conclusions right now or everything is just going to fall apart. Or so it goes. The wife is not thrilled with this mindset.

Enter Elfa. There’s a nearly infinite number of ways to organize your spaces, and it looks incredible. So, when you get home with your pile of stuff, you can have a place for it. My closet is, well, it’s still a disaster, but not for good planning and use of space. (That’s definitely not MY closet pictured below…)

One of my favorite things about Elfa shelving is the desk. I wish I had a picture from back in the day, but for awhile I was using an Elfa stand-up desk. It didn’t have to be a stand-up desk, but it was super easy to adjust the height.

One of the best things about it is the relative ease of putting it together, and the minimal amount of damage you have to do to the walls. You just tack one strip of metal up top and hang X number of tracks off of that. From there you configure whatever you want – shelves, racks, bike racks, desks, etc. I think they even have filing cabinet options. It’s best to attach directly into the studs behind the walls, but I’ve had an enormous amount of weight hanging from “metal strips” (can’t remember what they’re called) attached just into the plaster.

Anyway, they’re awesome. That is all.


(Click the pic below to check out some of the ways Elfa might be the perfect solution for maximizing your small space).


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