September 12, 2014 KME Digital

FAQ: I want My Truck Buddy to move me — what next?

One of our First Principles is “Keep it simple,” and that’s what we try to do from the beginning of our relationship.

Let’s say you’ve read the website, this blog, our policies, checked out our hundreds of 5-star reviews on Yelp, and maybe even got a subscription to Angie’s List just to make sure all the bases are covered. Ok. You’re ready to do the previously unthinkable and hire movers.

Deep breath.

Question mark

  1. The first thing you need to do is fill out the estimate request form. (Either here or on the main site is fine — it’s the same form). This is probably the most “painful” part of the process. We ask you for as much relevant information as you can provide, without going overboard. It’s not terribly long, but many thousands of these forms across our computer screens have shown us that it works.
  2. You’ll hit “Submit,” and then the form comes to us.
  3. We then take a look at your form and do several things:
    • Check to see if we’re available on one of the three dates and times the form asks for.
    • Compare it to similarly sized jobs. We’ve been collecting data for years. Based on a number of factors, we can usually deduce a two-hour window of time from a few factors alone, such as the move-out type.
    • Check out the pick-up and destination addresses (often down to the street view so we can anticipate any potential speedbumps, literally or figuratively).
    • Look to see if your building is familiar to us (it probably is).
    • Then we write up the estimate and email it to you. The estimate will contain the date and time we’ll arrive, an estimate of the time involved within a two or three-hour window, and a low and high estimate of the time involved. It will also have several bits of helpful information and tips on how to get prepared and save a lot of money.
  4. You review the estimate. If everything looks good, you respond to the email with the word “Confirmed.” If you decide not to use our service, you reply with “Decline.”

That’s it! I’ve probably complicated the perception of the process by writing it all out, but I assure you, it’s pretty straightforward.

Questions? Don’t be shy — write us or give us a call!


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