May 17, 2017 KME Digital

Free Moving Guide

We haven’t seen it all at My Truck Buddy, but we’ve seen quite a bit! Quite enough, actually, to be able to provide our humble repository of tips and tricks to make your move go as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. We’ve collected that hard-earned wisdom and put it into the My Truck Buddy Save-a-ton-of-money, get-it-done-fast Guide to Moving your Smallish Apartment or Home.

You can call it the MTB Moving Guide for short, and you can find it on our (current) blog, which is (hopefully) neatly organized for short reading blocks of time, or while you’re in the process of actually preparing for your move.

People who use the guide tend to be better prepared and ready to go when we arrive. In other words, they tend to save some cash on their move by reducing the number of trips to and from the truck, reducing the amount of furniture disassembly, and collecting/organizing all those little things they might not have thought about. You might think that “saving customers money” maaaaay not be our primary interest. Well, it’s not, but making many, many happy customers is.

They tend to tell their friends about their awesome movers. “Awesome movers?” their friends might say. “Yes. Awesome.”

Plus, we’re in the service business, and making people happy is just the right thing to do.

So, check it out here. It’s FREE. We don’t even ask for your email address or anything else to access it.

Happy moving!


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