April 3, 2018 KME Digital

How Can I Protect Fragile Items When Moving?

From books and video games to pots, pans, and linens, you may own many items that can be packed into boxes with minimum concern about their condition during a move. You may also own many other fragile items that require special care and handling. This could include family heirlooms, crystal glassware, fine china and sensitive electronics. Damage to these items may result in significant financial loss or even the loss of irreplaceable items. By following a few important packing tips, you can protect your fragile items as much as possible.

Choose the Right Packing Materials

The packing materials that you purchase can play a huge role in the overall protection of your items. For fragile items, if you still have the original packaging, this may be your best bet for protection. You can also cushion items with bubble wrap and towels. Place heavier items on the bottom, so they don’t accidentally crush smaller, lighter items. If you have sensitive electronics, you may want to consider getting specific protective cases. These come with molded foam that will fit your electronics perfectly. You also won’t have to worry about any impacts causing problems.

Avoid Making Boxes Too Heavy

Even when you take steps to carefully wrap and pack your fragile items, damage may still occur. For example, if boxes are too heavy, there is a possibility that they may be dropped. As you pack boxes and cases, periodically lift the container to gauge the weight. If you notice that the containers are getting too heavy, move on to a new box or case. Boxes that contain items like books can easily get too heavy to lift if you aren’t paying attention, so keep these items in smaller boxes.

Label Your Boxes Appropriately

Your boxes and protective cases that contain fragile items must be handled carefully. However, your movers will not know which of your containers have fragile items. All boxes and protective cases that have fragile items should be appropriately labeled or marked. Ensure that the label is very easy to read. It may be a smart idea to label the top and four sides of the box so that nobody overlooks the importance of handling a box with care. This will also help you find your items when you are unpacking after your move.

The stress associated with damaged precious items can be intense. When fragile items are damaged, you may lose family heirlooms or face financial loss related to damage to very expensive items. You understandably want all of your belongings to make it to your new home in quality condition, and following these helpful tips can make it easier for you to accomplish your goals.



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