October 24, 2014 KME Digital

How to save a ton of money on your move

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Save-a-ton-of-money, get-it-done-fast guide to safely and quickly moving your smallish apartment or home.

Want to save money on your move? Download our free Moving Guide.

I hesitate to even bring it up because over the last two-or-so years since I first wrote and published the Guide, people have been saving money on their move. At first it was no big deal. But after the first dozen, the first hundred, then the first five hundred people used it, I realized I was losing a lot of money.

Yes, I know this makes me sound a bit like that guy in the infomercial in the question mark outfit…

The Moving Guide is our compilation of best practices to help make a move go as fast and efficiently as possible. It grew out of our desire to impose some order on what was then a soul-and-body killing problem: disorganized moves. We didn’t begrudge people for not having every item packed neatly away and ready to go, (except for those people who then tried to blame the length of the move on us), but the fact was people needed help getting their ducks in a row.

Ergo, the Moving Guide.

When we walk into a place for the first time, we can tell whose read it and who hasn’t. Trust me. Some people are natural organizers. Some. Many aren’t.

So, if you’re moving or even thinking about moving, check out the Guide for handy tips and tricks for your move. It’s not comprehensive — no Guide can pretend to be — but it’s great for people who just need a little bit of a jump start on the process.

Did I mention it’s free? No? Well, it’s free.



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