July 10, 2015 KME Digital

Massive moving rebate if you use my buddy Matt Spinosa to buy your home!

Matt SpinosaBuying a home? That’s expensive. Here’s some good news: buy with Keller Williams realtor Matt Spinosa, and he’ll cover most, if not all, of the cost of your move.

Full disclosure: Matt’s a buddy of mine. The kind of buddy who offers to watch your kids so you can have a date night with the wife. Yeah, that really happened a couple of months ago — we saw each other in the gym and I was whining about how we never have enough time to have a simple, quiet dinner together (the wife and I — not Matt — but I probably don’t have time for a quiet dinner with him, either.) He’s also convinced me to finally quit jawing about it and get my real estate license.

Anyway, he’s a good guy and he just mentioned that he’d offer a $1,500 rebate to anyone who buys a home through him and his team. Right now he’s got ten active listings (mostly in the Manassas area) and is looking to help some folks about. He’s sold hundreds of homes in the Northern Virginia area, so he knows what he’s doing. What I know of him personally tells me that he’s someone you can absolutely trust.

So, check it out. Here’s Matt’s website. Here’s his Facebook page with the active listings.

By the way, the rebate he’s offering could very well cover the entire moving expense if you use My Truck Buddy. Single family homes aren’t our Number One kind of job, but we do quite a few of them, and it’s usually well under $1500. So, check us out, too.

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