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MTB Moving Guide Section 5 — What to do on Moving Day

Section 5: Moving Day – What To Do

On moving day, the movers will be able to deal with whatever they encounter. If by some chance you aren’t ready and haven’t managed to get everything as organized as you hoped for, don’t panic – an MTB job site is a judgment-free zone.

 Before the Truck Buddies arrive

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before — don’t stay up all night packing. This can make all the difference.Take it from us – it helps immensely.
  • Pack an emergency survival kit. It should consist of:
    • Snacks
    • Coffee/tea/milk
    • First aid kit
    • Toiletries/toilet paper
    • Keys
    • Cell phone charger
  • Do a final check of access points, parking and pathways. Neighbors or the authorities often “undo” what you’ve done to prepare. For example, your neighbors will often ignore the emergency no-parking signs. Many have even ripped them down.

When the Truck Buddies arrive

  • Make sure you’re there when they arrive. We start the clock when we arrive for 99 percent of our jobs.
  • Show them everything that you want them to move. Make sure to include storage areas, back closets, backyard sheds, etc.
  • Show the movers the best access points. Outline any potential hazards and difficult items and the best access for these.
  • If you have extra helpers on hand (friends or family), please introduce them and let us know what they’ll be doing. Likewise, MTB crew leaders can direct traffic and provide leadership and suggestions.
  • Let the movers know if there’s anything that requires special care, or whether certain items need to be taken off the truck first. (Groceries are frequently the last items on the truck, and the first off.)


That’s pretty much it! I know that’s a lot of “it,” but our goal here is to make every move go as smoothly and cheaply as possible for our customers. Happy customers tell lots of people who then call MTB!

For more information, or to just talk to a human being, give us a call or shoot us an email using the contact information below. Also, feel free to give us some of your own moving tips for the guide and our service. As I stated at the beginning, this guide is by no means comprehensive. We don’t pretend to know everything, and I’m sure I left out a LOT. Your feedback is always welcome!



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