June 15, 2015 KME Digital

My Truck Buddy has a new website!

Well, we had to do it. MTB has a new website.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 8.17.27 AM

I’m a little worried that I’m creating “New Coke” here. You might remember that story — Coke was getting it’s hind-end handed to it back in the 80s, so they redid the formula. It was unofficially rebranded “New Coke,” and it quickly became a flop. (Or rather, it went flat).

I worry about that happening to this business because, despite the stabbing eyesore that I thought it was, people actually liked it. It was the best “outside sales rep” I ever had. I’d always thought it could use a re-skinning, at the very least, but it was a back-burner project I’d think about considering getting around to eventually. Then Google did something to it’s algorithm that favored mobile-friendly sites. It all sounded very theoretical until I noticed our traffic was steadily declining at a time when we should be seeing insane traffic — four to five times as much, at least.

So, the new website was born. I think it’s prettier, for sure. Whether our traffic goes up, we shall see.

If you’re a repeat customer, please let us know if you think anything is missing or otherwise inferior to the old site. Want to compare? The old site is still live and living here. It should be totally functional — it just has a new URL. If you’re a new customer, please don’t hesitate to call or write with any questions. We can be reached at 571-357-3505 and [email protected]. Need boxes and moving supplies? 571-992-6968 or [email protected].

Known bugs and issues: The site seems to disappear if you just type in the URL without the “www.” Also, the boxes page is kind of a mess, but the form is there if you need to order. That’ll be the first item of the day I tackle, and given the time constraints, the only thing I’ll get to.


Anyway, it’s pretty decent. It’s definitely a work in progress, but all in all, quite a nifty little system. I’ll give a plug to my developer if he consents — his seems to be a very small operation he does for fun. What I can say is that the content management system (the CMS) rocks — it’s easily the easiest, most intuitive, most responsive CMS I’ve ever used.

Anyway, enjoy! I hope the new site is as useful and informative as the last one.

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