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Nauck: affordable housing in Arlington.

I was doing some research around the question, “How close in to the city (DC) can a normal person realistically buy a house in Virginia?” and I came across this: In Nauck, a rare mix: Affordability and Arlington.

I was primarily interested in single-family detached homes. There’s still a lot of other inventory – condos, apartments to rent, etc. – but we move a lot of people who are interested in getting their own place, i.e. a place where nobody’s going to hassle them what they nail up on their walls, among other things.

If you’re familiar with the area, you probably wouldn’t think Arlington is within the realm of possibility. But, there it is. A little patch of ground just north of Shirlington, with all of it’s awesome restaurants and coffee shops (check out the Carlyle, the home of the most amazing flourless chocolate waffle in the galaxy.) It’s a short drive into the city – even factoring in rush-hour traffic, and a ton of other great places.

The Post article has more info, including the other area highlights and some historical nuggets, but the main thing is the affordability of the area.

Karisue Wyson, an agent with McEnearney Associates, said affordability is a major selling point in Nauck, where about half of current listings are priced under $500,000.

“If you’re thinking about moving to Arlington, you’re searching for affordability,” Wyson said. “There are very few communities in the area where you can buy a single-family home for under $500,000, let alone for $400,000.”

The above article is a bit dated (June 3rd,) which stated there were 11 houses for sale ranging from $155,000 to almost $1 million. I took the liberty of checking out current stats, wondering if it was still a “budget-possible” location, or if maybe the Post’s article had launched a rush on the area.

As of today (9/26/16) it looks like there are about six active listings for single family detached homes, ranging in price from $425,000 to $1.3 million. So, we’re not seeing quite the range of deals as we did back in June, but still, for the location, that’s not bad.

Here’s a sample of what you can get. It’s a four bedroom, two bathroom SFM for $425,000. With some “light maintenance,” that’s not bad for the area. Not bad at all.

1936 Kenmore St. in Arlington


It even has a little yard!

There are four under contract, ranging from $329k to $669k. I guess you have to move fast.

Anyway, I thought that might be helpful. If you’re thinking about moving and getting your own place, feel free to call or write. In addition to running MTB, I’m also a Realtor and love helping people find homes that are perfect for them!


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