June 5, 2017 KME Digital

No Parking Signs

There’s nothing worse than booking movers or renting a truck…and then having to park a block away from your place. One of the biggest factors in the cost of a move is The Long Walk. The longer the walk from your place to your truck (or Pod), the more time it takes. And if you’re paying for movers, that can get expensive.

So! Make sure you’ve got a space reserved as close to your home as possible. (Related: Reserve your loading dock and/or elevators as soon as you have a move date.)

Some jurisdictions take longer than others to get No Parking signs. Here’s the information for the most common jurisdictions:



  • 72 hours in advance in residential areas without metered parking
  • At least 24 hours in advance at metered parking spaces in commercial areas.
  • All signs must be removed immediately after completion of work
  • Time to obtain: Varies – check link above
  • Fees: $50

City of Alexandria


  • Metered spaces: $40.00 per meter, per day.
  • Non-Metered spaces: $30 per space per day.
  • Signs must be ordered at least three full days before they’re needed.



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